Pharma & Chemical

High level of chemical resistance, heavy traffic endurance, seamless surface is sanitary, stain resistant & easy-to-clean.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Processing Facility Seamless Floor Systems

Pharmaceutical and chemical processing plants require floor surfaces with robust chemical resistance and tough abrasive wear protection. PermaFloor provides a variety of seamless flooring options for these applications.

Pharmaceutical Applications

Our chemical-resistant formulations protect your floors and help maintain a hygienic environment. The seamless design is inherently easy to clean because there are no cracks, grout lines or porous surfaces where dirt can collect. Abrasive resistant formulations add an extra level of sanitary protection by preventing chipping and pitting damage that may potentially compromise the floor seal and harbor bacteria or mold growth.

Highly decorative options for lobbies, hallways and client reception areas are also available.

Chemical Processing Applications

Storage and handling of chemicals can be considerably damaging to un-protected floors. PermaFloor offers durable seamless flooring formulations for protection against severe chemical attack and corrosion as well as abrasive wear from heavy-duty forklift traffic.

The PermaFloor Method

In order to specify and install a long-lasting, trouble-free floor in these environments, careful consideration must be given to potential chemical and chemical combination exposure, duration of chemical exposure (whether diluted, concentrated, splash, spill, leak or continuous immersion), along with temperature of chemical handling or storage conditions and any flammability concerns. Abrasive wear, including foot and/or forklift traffic, must also be taken into account. Once this examination has taken place, a suitable product can be matched to the conditions.

PermaFloor is available to help with this process by providing expert advice and consultation drawn from our many years of experience. What's more, we do not represent a specific brand of products. Instead we are free to shop for the best materials at the best price to meet your requirements. We have no hidden agenda to sell you a specific product. Our goal is to install the right solution for your purpose that will deliver years of trouble-free service.

We do not subcontract. When it comes time for surface prep and installation, our experienced crews ensure a high-quality installation for dependable performance. They work tirelessly to minimize any potential downtime to your organization—completing your new floor on time and on budget with the highest regard for quality and safety. We take full responsibility for your project and we back our work with a written warranty.

If your floors are in need of renovation, or if you are constructing a new facility, please call us today and set-up a free consultation. We’re always ready to lend a hand!

Recommended Floor Systems:
Urethane Concrete high-build systems
Vinyl Flake slurry / broadcast systems
Epoxy Mortar high-build mortar systems
Decorative Epoxy slurry / broadcast systems

Pharmaceutical Seamless Flooring System Chemical Processing Seamless Flooring System

Pharma Applications

  • Animal Holding Areas
  • Blending Rooms
  • Chemical Storage
  • Growing Rooms
  • Laboratories & Clean Rooms
  • Lobbies & Hallways
  • Packaging Lines
  • Processing Areas
  • Showers & Wash-down Areas

Chem Applications

  • Bulk & Drum Storage Areas
  • Clean Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Packaging Lines
  • Processing Areas
  • Pump Rooms
  • Research Labs
  • Shower Rooms

Protection Features

  • Extreme Chemical Resistance
  • Seamless Surface—sanitary and easy to clean
  • Stain Resistant
  • Traffic / Abrasive Resistant—wear resistant to chipping and pitting that may harbor bacteria


  • Impact Resistant—for drum storage areas
  • Added Slip-resistant Texture
  • Anti-microbial Formulations
  • Integral Cove Available
  • Decorative Design Options