General Manufacturing Facilities

For a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean work area that can withstand heavy traffic, chemical corrosion and impact abuse.

Seamless Floor Systems for Manufacturing

The rough environments found in manufacturing facilities and industrial plants require tough floor surfaces that can withstand forklift and material handling traffic, abrasive wear, chemical corrosion and impact abuse from dropped objects. In some instances specialized tolerance to mechanical vibration, high temperature, temperature fluctuation and extreme chemical exposure must also be accommodated with the proper flooring formulation.

PermaFloor offers a variety of seamless flooring formulations and thicknesses for industrial environments along with specialized formulations for specific areas within a plant that may have particular or specialized requirements. Careful consideration of operating conditions and environment is required to determine the floor formulation that will best provide lasting substrate protection. PermaFloor is available to visit your plant and assist with expert evaluation and recommendations drawn from our many years of experience with industrial flooring systems.

The PermaFloor Method

Unlike other flooring companies, we do not represent a single, specific brand of products. Instead, we maintain many manufacturer relationships with access to a wider selection of resources in order to give you the best product at the best price possible for your requirements. No need to worry about the quality of materials used either—we have no hidden agenda to sell you a specific product. If you happen to have a particular material in mind we will be happy to locate and install it for you. Our goal is to apply the most durable and aesthetically pleasing solution possible for your facility.

We handle each job from start-to-finish including consultation, testing, surface preparation, application and final finishing. We do not subcontract. Our experienced crews are PermaFloor employees, which ensures high-quality surface preparation and seamless floor installation. What’s more, they work tirelessly to minimize any potential downtime to your facility—completing your new floor surface on time and on budget with the highest regard for quality and safety. We take full responsibility for your project and we back our work with a written warranty.

If your floors are in need of renovation, or you are constructing a new facility, please call us today to set-up a free consultation. We’re ready to lend a hand!

Recommended Floor Systems:

Assembly Line Seamless Polymer Flooring System Manufacturing Area Seamless Flooring System


  • Assembly Areas
  • Battery Charging Stations
  • Cafeterias
  • Chemical Storage
  • Clean Rooms
  • Common Areas
  • Containment Areas
  • Control Rooms
  • Loading Docks
  • Locker/Shower Rooms
  • Machine Shops
  • Maintenance Shops
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Packaging Lines
  • Reception Areas
  • Restrooms
  • Traffic Aisles

Protection Features

  • Variety of Light, Moderate & Heavy-duty Formulations to Suit Specific Requirements
  • Low Maintenance, Easy-to-clean
  • Protect Substrate from Abrasion & Traffic Wear
  • Chemical Protection
  • Impact Protection
  • Slip-resistant Surfaces
  • Brighten Workspaces
  • Dust Proofing


  • ESD Options
  • Anti-microbial Options
  • Elastomeric Waterproof Membrane Options for Mechanical Rooms