PermaFloor Services

Your expert source for seamless polymer flooring installation throughout New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond.

PermaFloor Polymer Flooring Services

Our services can be divided into three distinct categories: Restoration, Preparation and Application.

Floor Restoration

PermaFloor can remove existing tiles or coatings that have cracked, chipped, peeled, de-laminated, faded or otherwise failed. Our scarifying process will remove oil and other contaminants absorbed into concrete substrate, along with surface residue such as rust, scale, glue and adhesives. We can also repair substrate damage including: cracking and spalls, curled expansion joints, uneven slabs, high spots, thresholds and transitions, as well as errant trowel marks. Our solutions are cost-effective and our skilled crews work quickly to minimize any potential downtime.

Surface Preparation

Whether new construction or renovation, proper surface preparation is essential to the successful installation of a long-lasting floor coating. PermaFloor uses shot blasting, grinding and polishing techniques to strip, clean and profile surfaces in final preparation for coating application. This process is fast, clean and cost effective, producing a surface with high bonding character—especially when compared to chemical surface preparation methods.

Floor Surface Application

PermaFloor’s dependable crews work rapidly and efficiently to install your floor with the highest level of craftsmanship and commitment to safety. We strive to minimize or eliminate any downtime to your facility—accommodating your schedule and adjusting to your timeline for the fastest turnaround possible. All of our crews are PermaFloor employees who stand behind their work—we do not use subcontractors. At the end of this process you will be have a beautiful, high-quality floor that's tough and durable backed by our written warranty.

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