PermaFloor Project Showcase

Please take a look through the galleries below to see some job site examples of our seamless flooring work.

Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

bakery floor refinishing gallery

View Bimbo Bakeries Gallery

Bimbo Bakeries USA

PermaFloor replaced two failed epoxy floors, one in a proofing room and another in an 8000 sq. ft. production facility for Bimbo Bakeries. Both jobs utilized fast curing MMA quartz flooring, and were quickly completed without impacting production schedules. Also shown are high gloss floor coatings and safety graphics done at the Hazelton Cake Facility along with an epoxy boiler room floor.

beverage mixing room floor refinishing

View Pepsi / Gatorade Gallery

Pepsi / Gatorade

After repeated washdowns and steam cleanings the existing epoxy floor in this 4000 sq. ft. mixing/blending room had failed. Damage included spalled concrete and pitting along draw lines. PermaFloor was able to remove and replace the floor with a beautiful new urethane concrete system. Work was started Friday evening and completed by 10 pm Sunday which enabled the plant to open on-time Monday morning.

Government & Public Works

train station floor refinishing

View PATCO Gallery

PATCO Train Stations

City Hall and 8th and Market train stations were in need of new flooring that would match exiting wall tile décor. PermaFloor was able to custom blend decorative vinyl flake colors to create a durable and attractive flooring solution. The new epoxy flooring provides a tough surface that will hold up to traffic wear. Good skid inhibition properties help prevent slips, yet the floor remains easy to clean.

firehouse floor refinishing

View Stone Harbor Firehouse Gallery

Stone Harbor Firehouse

To foster a sense of esprit de corps at the Stone Harbor firehouse, PermaFloor installed this dramatic, custom mixed red flooring with yellow striping and custom logo graphic. Epoxy flooring is well suited for firehouse applications because it provides good protection against wear, abrasion, impact, fuels, oils and chemicals.

Manufacturing Facilities

hangar floor coating gallery

View AgustaWestland Helicopters Hangar Gallery

AgustaWestland Helicopters

After adding additional hangar space, AgustaWestland chose PermaFloor to apply an epoxy floor coating to the new production areas. Epoxy floor coatings enhance aesthetics, hold up to traffic and supply moderate skid resistance. A light color was chosen to facilitate FOD (foreign object damage) inspection. PermaFloor also coated shipping/receiving areas with a clear epoxy. Staging areas were graphically delineated to enhance organization and safety.

manufacturing floor coating gallery

View Volvo Construction Equipment Gallery

Volvo Construction Equipment

The metal deck outside of a shot blasting booth for heavy equipment was creating a slip hazard when metal shot from the booth would accumulate. Additionally, concrete around the deck was spalled. Urethane concrete was the desired solution, however bonding to a metal deck is challenging. PermaFloor devised a solution by welding a metal screen to the deck which then allowed the urethane concrete to form a strong bond. Gallery also shows epoxy mortar flooring and floor graphics within a large manufacturing facility.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Facilities

chemical processing flooring

View Avantor Gallery


Existing floor over brick base was badly damaged and uneven. PermaFloor was able to fill in damaged areas and level the bumpy surface with the installation of a new chemical resistant urethane concrete floor tough enough to withstand the operating conditions. This gallery also highlights construction of a secondary containment system and the protective coating of a loading dock to withstand repeated salt exposure.

laboratory floor refinishing

View Ohm Laboratories Gallery

Ohm Laboratories

Damaged floor area in a pharmaceutical lab is repaired with urethane mortar flooring system. The new floor is tough, chemical resistant and capable of enduring repeated washdowns and temperature shocks. Careful attention was paid to sloping the floor surface for best drainage. Work was quickly completed without affecting the labs schedule.

Restaurants & Kitchens

restaurant floor refinishing

View Cheesecake Factory Gallery

Cheesecake Factory

Seams in existing rubber floors were coming apart creating a trip hazard and allowing food infiltration and bacteria growth that caused a foul odor. Closing the restaurant for an extended renovation was not possible. Working overnight, PermaFloor used fast curing MMA quartz to replace the floor one section at a time until completed. Restaurant was able to close at 11pm then reopen at 8am throughout the process.

overnight floor refinishing

View ADP Gallery

ADP Kitchen

Worn tile floor in a busy cafeteria kitchen required replacement without impacting daily operations. PermaFloor was able to complete the project overnight by using fast curing MMA flooring. The new seamless floor is water resistant, easier to clean and more hygienic. Plus it can withstand the temperature shocks, abrasion and impact abuse associated with kitchen applications.

Supercenter & Retail Chains

polymeric floor refinishing

View ShopRite Gallery

ShopRite Cooler

Overnight service and specialized flooring were required to replace damaged flooring in this grocery store cooler. Fast working PermaFloor crews were able to prepare the surface and apply fast-curing MMA flooring suitable for use in the cold environment. The cooler was ready for operation in the morning.

spalled concrete repair

View NY Health & Racquet Gallery

NY Health & Racquet

Worn and damaged tile and brick floor required replacement. A trowel applied decorative stone flooring material was used to smoothly cover the rough tile and brick surfaces with a durable, traffic-resistant finish. Two colors were used to create an updated and inviting look.

Unique & Custom Applications

vinyl flake floor refinishing

View Russo’s Gallery

Russo's Farm Market

Urethane mortar system with decorative vinyl flakes provides a durable and attractive floor. This system was installed over a wooden subfloor and sheetrock base. PermaFloor also installed the market’s logo for a custom touch. The market was open for business the next day.

polymeric floor refinishing

View Witchell Gallery

Witchell Salon

A very unique floor effect using recycled glass and crushed mirrors suspended in a gloss urethane. Eight different color components were combined into a mortar-like mix, then sealed in a deep gloss. The tough urethane finish is resistant to chemicals and harsh cleaners making it a good choice for the salon.

Healthcare & Institutional Facilities

polymeric floor refinishing

View University of Pennsylvania Gallery

University of Pennsylvania

Tough vinyl flake urethane flooring and wall coating with high gloss final coat will stand up to traffic and impacts without out any signs of wear patterns. The system is also easy to clean and maintain.

polymeric floor refinishing

View Winslow Animal Hospital Gallery

Winslow Animal Hospital

Seamless vinyl chip urethane flooring is easier to clean and more sanitary than tile flooring. Excellent thermal shock protection and resistance to UV fading, these durable finishes can hold up to harsh cleaning techniques and chemicals.