Epoxy Floor Coatings

Smooth, thin mil surface that is easy-to-clean and resistant to moderate traffic wear, light impacts, chemical spills, fuels, oils, grease and salt.

Seamless Epoxy Floor Coatings

PermaFloor offers a variety of economical epoxy resin floor coating systems for concrete floor applications. These free-flowing, high-solids, thin-mil systems give you a smooth, low-friction surface that is non-dusting, light reflective and easy-to-clean. Formulations are UV color stable and provide a tough surface that is resistant to traffic wear, impacts, stains, common acids, fuels, oils, grease, salt and Skydrol.

Typical Thickness: Ranges from 25 to 80 mils.

Drytime: Typically 48 to 72 hours for normal operation.

Specification Sheet: High-Build Coating System PDF.

Typical Colors Available: The colors shown below are general approximations, and not exact. Please contact us to view actual color samples. Custom color matching is available by special request.

Tile Red

Considerations: While these self-leveling formulations are perfect for smoothing out concrete into a non-dusting floor, they are not suitable for restoring damaged or spalled concrete floors or re-profiling surfaces. The thin-mil nature of these products will reveal small surface imperfections, as well as underlying surface contours. For damaged concrete or surfaces needing profile adjustments, please see our Epoxy Mortar or Urethane Mortar systems.

Epoxy Floor Coating in Helicopter Hangar Epoxy Floor Coating in Warehouse

Epoxy Coating Applications

  • Industrial Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Clean Rooms
  • R&D Facilities
  • Computer Rooms
  • Electronics Assembly Areas


  • Chemical & wear resistant
  • Non-dusting surface
  • UV color stable
  • Tenacious sub-surface adhesion

Optional Formulations

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) dissipative and conductive formulations available