PermaFloor Flooring Solutions

Your expert source for seamless polymer flooring installations throughout the Northeast United States.

About PermaFloor

PermaFloor provides seamless polymer flooring consultation and installation service to commercial, industrial and municipal clients throughout New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond.

Established in 2003, we are headquartered in Southampton, New Jersey. Our management team combines over 75 years experience providing turnkey flooring solutions to Fortune 500 companies, as well as, small and medium sized businesses. We blend the latest flooring technology and know-how with a passion for performance and customer satisfaction in order to give you durable, high-quality flooring at an affordable price.

The PermaFloor Method

PermaFloor gives you an added advantage over other polymer flooring companies in that we do not represent a specific product line. This allows us to shop for the best possible material at the best possible price to meet your specific needs. You need never worry about the quality of materials used either, because at PermaFloor, we have no hidden agenda to sell you a particular product. If you happen to have a certain material in mind, we will be happy to install it for you. Our only goal is to provide you with the most durable, lasting and aesthetically pleasing floor possible.

We begin each project by carefully evaluating your site environment and operating conditions in order to match the best flooring formulation, prep and application techniques with the intended purpose. Many years of experience have taught us that every project is unique and requires a solution tailored to fit the exact needs of each individual client. This process ensures that the floors we install will meet your expectations of safety, cleanability, aesthetics and durability.

Our factory certified crews are PermaFloor employees—we do not use subcontractors. This ensures the work is completed on time, on budget, and with the highest regard for quality and safety. We take full responsibility for your project from initial testing through the installed system, and we back our work with a written warranty.

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